All-In-One Software for
Civil, Mining & Rail.

Built by the industry,
for the industry.

Manage project costs, schedule plant, equipment and contractors,
complete site paperwork and automate your company's payroll.

Trusted by companies big and small across Australia & New Zealand
sfoftware for construction

Easy to Use

No messy, manual completion of paperwork.
No lost or damaged paperwork.
(The dog can’t eat it, either!)

sfoftware for construction

Connect your operations

See real-time schedules, share project information and complete forms from phone, tablet or PC.

sfoftware for construction

Do it once, do it right

Integrate to all your core business systems, to ensure you never have to double-enter information again.

One Daily Diary,
many functions.

Complete daily diaries that will allocate time to your project cost codes, complete your payroll and keep your HSEQ manager happy too.   

Daily Diary Many Functions Image for Cloudcon Homepage Size
sfoftware for construction
sfoftware for construction
sfoftware for construction

Utilisation, revenue and cost.

Get real-time information on your plant, equipment and heavy vehicle fleet. 

Complete prestarts, services and inspections.

Track revenue, costs and utilisation to make informed decisions. 

Compliance for safer operations.

Complete paperwork from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Get complete operational overview from the office or job site – even when you’re offline.

Compliance for Safer Operations
sfoftware for construction

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