Austrack supplies the construction, mining and agricultural industries with quality new and used equipment for sale and hire.

Cloudcon and Austrack

Austrack’s challenge

Austrack used spreadsheets and a whiteboard for their processes prior to Cloudcon.

Their spreadsheet calculated revenue and the whiteboard showed the team where the equipment was – at great expense of time and effort.

How we solved their needs

Cloudcon developed a system that automated Austrack’s invoicing, replacing the spreadsheets and reducing the end of month billing process from one business day to less than 15 minutes.

The Cloudcon software shows Austrack their monthly revenue projections, revenue by equipment type and also by each project. Data insights like these help the business makes more informed purchasing decisions to keep their customers happy.

Cloudcon has integrated with Austrack’s plant and equipment suppliers to allow them to get up-to-the-minute information on equipment utilisation, fuel burn and maintenance status.

Cloudcon integrates well with the client’s accounting system, which means all of the company’s business units are kept-up-to-date with all important information.

Cloudcon has decreased our plant administration time by over 50% every month by implementing an automatic billing solution.
The team have a very positive attitude and a solution to every problem.
Cloudcon has helped our company immensely.

Donna Owens
General Manager, Austrack Equipment

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