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Civil Construction Management Software
for efficiency in Plant, Projects and Productivity.

One software to manage every area of your business.

Civil Construction Project Overview
Equipment Location Map on Cloudcon Mobile

Schedule and track personnel, contractor and plant onsite time

Create schedules of the personnel, contractors and plant to be onsite.

Get real-time feedback on resources arrived onsite and easily allocate time to cost codes.

Review budgeted and actual resource hours by task and produce reports on your project outputs.

Turn your stressful ‘claim-week’ into ‘claim hour’ with Cloudcon.

Manage purchase orders and project costs

Complete purchase requisitions and purchase orders from your mobile device.

Track your ordered and received quantity of materials per task and cost code.

Integrate your purchase orders, and purchase order status with your accounting platform or ERP to keep all your records up to date.

Cloudcon iPad Construction Project Purchase Order Overview
Mobile Purchase Orders Cloudcon
Cloudcon Web Interface Payroll Infrastructure
Cloudcon Sales Overview Mobile Device Invoices

Automate payroll and invoicing

Spend less time on administrative tasks such as payroll and invoicing. 

With Cloudcon transform your daily diaries and dockets into ready-for-processing payroll information, and easily complete your end of month claims. 

We help companies reduce their administration to minutes, not days. 

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