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Cloudcon Rental Software increases your profit and productivity by reducing administrative costs via streamlined, automated, integrated processes.

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Our asset management software for plant, fleet and equipment saves you real money by making your business more efficient.


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“Cloudcon has provided us with a fully customised software package that suits the needs of our company and clients. Having transparency across the business is critical, that is why the implementation of Cloudcon will allow Frasers to more accurately and efficiently manage project costs, schedule plant, equipment and contractors, and complete site paperwork in one platform”

Fraser Earthworks

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Consolidate business operations into one platform

Keep up to date

Improve accuracy with integrated data per vehicle for better productivity and maintenance visibility for plant, equipment or fleet.

Safety first

Improve safety with operator compliance through simple interfaces and essential information added in real-time.

Billing Management

Improve cash flow with automated invoicing, reduce costs by improving billing accuracy and minimise administrative errors.

Streamline your workflow with our extensive platform integrations

Our key benefits

Optimise workflows in key areas of your business, so you work smarter, not harder.

Schedule your operations
Easy to use scheduler for your allocator to quickly and easily create, amend and schedule jobs.
Create faultless dockets
Reduce errors in your operator dockets by simplifying data entry for your team.
Make invoicing immediate
Integrate with your account system and generate complex invoices in seconds.